Fate/Zero Episode 21

Wow…Kirei, the man who was always chilling in the shadows in the first half of the series is getting pretty serious now that his limiter has been taken off. He uses Kariya’s Servant to his advantage to kidnap Iris, then tosses him aside, framing him for Tokiomi’s death. Certainly wasn’t expecting Kariya to kill the woman he loved like that, but the heat of the moment, I guess.

Was that chase scene cool or what? Saber busting out the sword and slashing debris…transforming the bike…looked pretty sick. Rider going down to one Excalibur slash was a bit anticlimactic, but the chase was cool. The question for now: Kiritsugu realizes that Rider wasn’t responsible for the abduction of Iris. Does he go after Kariya, who facilitated the capture, or Kirei, the mastermind? Obvious choice is Kariya, but Kiritsugu’s pretty clever. Should be interesting.

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