Accel World Episode 8

Well…that’s quite the entrance…certainly wasn’t expecting the new character to just show up in Haru’s house. Saito Tomoko, aka Red King or Scarlet Rain…surprising that Haru would be related to her. Her personality change struck me as almost being like Akira Kogami from Lucky Star.

Still, my theory is that she developed that evil-ish personality to go with her title as Red King (I would assume it’s hard to be taken seriously when you’re just a kid). Based on her appearance in the opening, I believe the more cute version will be her true personality when she joins the good guys.

So the big question is “what is this avatar?” Tomoko seemed to be watching it as it went around and I think Haru is shown kicking it in the opening, so maybe it’s a big bad. If so, it’s possible that Tomoko’s reason for meeting Kuroyukihime is to ask for help to face it…thus opening up the path for her to join the team.

The preview seemed to show a similar creature, but it didn’t look exactly the same (maybe I’m mistaken). Maybe it’s some new breed of crazed (possibly non-human) avatar in the Accelerated World.

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