Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 7

And the band’s back together again! Was a bit worried about that bit with Kaoru overhearing Sentarou’s conversation. Personally, I wouldn’t have accepted Sentarou’s empathy for Matsuoka to be enough to reconcile things…but then he said the bit about only planning to play for that one gig, so it was all good.

As for the end of last week’s episode, I guess it really was Jun, who seems to be suffering some troubles (girl problems?). I see two possibilities for why Sentarou punched Jun. The first one, which is a bit obvious, is that he is disappointed at seeing someone he admired fall so hard. The second, which is a bit more interesting, is that he realized that Yurika had feelings for him from her behavior and he is pissed that Jun disappointed her.

One final thing to talk about…I’m curious about why the students all gathered when Sentarou and Kaoru were playing. My theories: first off, it could be a cultural thing. Maybe at the time jazz had a reason to be more interesting. Maybe rock band style was too ahead of its time (the upperclassmen teasing suggests this)? Or maybe it was too overdone (I feel like that would be more modern, though). I don’t know the times, so I can’t be sure.

Another theory is the two of them…Kaoru’s typically silent and Sentarou is seen as a delinquent…so when the two of them perform together, everyone gets interested. I see this as slightly more likely. Final theory is simply that they were playing a better song…but that’s the least likely explanation. Anyways…let me know what your take is on all of this. I’m kinda expecting a closer look at Jun’s problems next week…we’ll see what’s up.

One thought on “Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 7”

  1. The students gathering to watch Kaoru and Sentarou play is an anime original thing, I guess it was done to enhance the visuals and keep things dynamic. In the manga there’s no gathering crowd, the students who were already there (and gathered to hear Seiji’s band in the first place) just stand there, impressed but mostly very confused over what they’d just heard. It takes Yurika clapping to finally make them realize what a great performance they’d seen.

    And as for rock and roll being ahead of its time, it’s definitely not the case. The song Seiji’s band performed debuted in 1966 in Japan and was a huge success. The Beatles, The Ventures, etc. already had lots of fans in Japan. In the manga while trying to recruit Sen Seiji tells Kaoru that times have changed, rock and roll is “in” and jazz is “out.”


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