Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Episode 7

Oh wow…that was pretty cool. I kinda expected the shadow to be some form of Yuuko, but I didn’t expect her to be so disgusted by it that she would sacrifice her feelings for Teiichi to reject it. Let’s see…a (S)hadow that holds her true feelings and she refuses to accept it..where have I seen this before? Must be my imagination.

I wonder about the plague and Yuuko’s death. While it’s obvious that she couldn’t simply be a voluntary sacrifice to stop the plague and it makes sense if she was ritualistically sacrificed (the talismans in the basement), why did it work and why was she chosen? I suppose no one “remembers” what happened to her because the truth became taboo, but a spell or offering to a god to stop an epidemic doesn’t suit a show with this much psychology to explain the supernatural.

Well, this show got really serious really fast. Maybe this is some sort of final arc to carry the series to the end? It seems pretty straightforward from here. Teiichi helps Yuuko recover her memories by accepting her dark half as part of herself. Who knows? Maybe they’ll come up with some interesting wrench to throw into it.

3 thoughts on “Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Episode 7”

  1. I was pretty close when I guessed shadow Yuuko is her grudges and Yuuko is the love for middleschool boys. Her memories and emotions must hold something painful to have been forced onto another manifestation.


  2. No one remembers? I’m not convinced about that, especially as we know that Kirie’s grandmother (Yuuko’s sister) is still alive and is the director of the school…or not? 😛


    1. like I said, the truth became taboo, so no one could speak of it…Some people may know, but not say it. Others don’t know because the story isn’t passed.


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