Tsuritama Episode 6

So this week’s episode marks the first meeting with whatever it is that Haru has come to Earth to catch…presumably the dragon from the town’s legend. I’m not completely sure what happen in the incident at Akemi, but this is my theory: when the thing over Haru’s head broke, he lost control to the big bad…which is why he was going nuts with the water gun. Doesn’t really explain the last scene, though, with the dancing fishers.

Bit more of Akira in this week’s episode. He’s getting there, but he still doesn’t trust anyone. Definitely still has a superiority complex going on. He noticed Haru acting different in the party for Kate, though, so maybe he’ll come to understand him and his intentions…who knows? They like to do a lot of blatant foreshadowing in this show…wonder what’s up with that.

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