Sankarea Episode 7

A very Wanko-focused episode this week. Rea doesn’t even show up. As Chihiro helps out at her family’s inn, we get a glimpse at the history the two have together. Kind of a cool story…Wanko starts out seeing Chihiro as a brave prince when he helps her in the graveyard, but this is only situational as he turns out to be just as much of a crybaby as she is. But then the showdown with the dog rekindles her original feelings. Not bad…Although, I’m biased to say she would be better off with Chihiro because of my disdain towards the zombie fetish.

I’m curious about just how dense Chihiro is. That almost kiss at the end of the episode should have made it pretty clear how Wanko feels about him…did he notice? Does he realize it? Also, the show kinda jumped over that bit at the end of last week’s episode. Does that mean it wasn’t that big a deal? Or is there something lurking under the surface that Chihiro himself doesn’t know? Rea is back next week, so we would hopefully get our answers. Also looks like her father might be making another entrance next week.

4 thoughts on “Sankarea Episode 7”

  1. You’re right in saying the episodes don’t flow very well. Events from the end of one seem to be forgotten in the next and Rea chewing on his arm obviously isn’t an important plot point.

    Ranko’s back story was nice but it’s been done a lot before. Meeting Chirhiro for the first time in a graveyard is oddly amusing.


    1. My guess is that he didn’t notice, but it’s a bit of a reach…

      Isn’t that where you meet your true loves too? Such convenient location


  2. Before the kiss I was sure he knew nothing of her feelings. Now it should be clear after she came so close to him, but I’m not sure. He did move back to avoid her though.


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