Zetman Episode 7

This week’s episode concludes the battle introducing ZET and Alphas. Besides how cool it is that Kouga has a gunblade, Jin does a lot of discovery of his own powers in the fight. Still…was I the only one that thought he seemed weaker in his red form than his white form? I guess based on the ZET levels that the guys watching were seeing, it made sense, but they made his red form sound so amazing. Maybe my prediction last week was right and it was still a failure of a red form that Haitani induced.

I would assume that in order to gain his true form, Jin has to get that pendant back from Konoha. They’ve been making a pretty huge deal of it, so it has to be linked somehow. I’m less interested with Kouga, though…I’m not sure why, but a suit powered by his emotional state doesn’t seem all that intriguing to me. That bit at the end with Tanaka was kinda weird though. Makes me wonder if she’s a Player as well…maybe an EVOL with screwed up memories for Haitani’s plans. Either way, next week looks like Kanzaki’s coming back into the fold. Not sure what that’s about, but we’ll see.

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