Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Episode 6

This week’s episode was certainly a lot more serious than normal. Similar to Another, it was an intriguing display of mass hysteria. We start off with the character Kirishima Yuuko, an unfortunate girl. Despite rejecting the possibility of the supernatural, she is constantly pulled back in due to her name. In retaliation, she tries to squash the story of Yuuko to return a sense of normalcy to her life. But unfortunately, this backfires when everyone believes her too much. She desperately tries to tell the truth, but fear of each student has compounded with fear of each other student, turning her lie into reality for them. She finds out the hard way that the only way to fight back is to use the supernatural, not reason (because that’s just how people are).

Lots of light vs dark stuff going on here.
 The episode ends on an even more intriguing cliffhanger, though, as Kirie once again sees the evil spirit that she mistook for Yuuko. This time, it can’t be so easily set aside as it was before with the spirit sitting in the room with the sleeping girls. Either Kirie pretends it didn’t happen and Teiichi finds out or Kirie tells everyone and they investigate. What do you know? It looks like the overarching story might be kicking up soon. Should be interesting. I really like this show’s approach to the supernatural.

3 thoughts on “Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Episode 6”

  1. Second Yuuko has an unfortunate name but she forgot that anime characters can be very stupid in times of crisis and her devious plan backfired. I’m curious to see whether or not she’ll be a reoccurring character.


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