Medaka Box Episode 6

I think everyone’s assembled by now? I’m pretty sure the treasurer Kikaijima Mogana was the last of the student council. I’m stumped as to why I didn’t notice that she was the same person as the swim team girl. All of the signs were there…they needed a treasurer and she was in love with money. I guess my brain wasn’t all there last week when I watched this. As for the swim event itself, they made a big deal about the swim team being incredibly reckless with their tactics…but did those things they were doing seem all that dire? I guess I didn’t get the sense that they were excessively risking their lives like the show tried to emphasize.

With the last event, was what Medaka did really legal? Technically those inflatable things were supposed to be worn by the guys…did that not count as enough for a disqualification when they took them off? Oh well…probably best not to question it. Although, it just seems to be pushing it a bit. Random side note: holy crap that swimming pool is excessively hi-tech O.o No wonder there was a request to have it used more often…Although, all of that tech has some serious safety implications. I guess next week is an episode for our new character? That’s all I can really see based on the preview. Half the series is left…is there going to be an overarching story? Would there even be enough time?

One thought on “Medaka Box Episode 6”

  1. There is indeed, an overarcing plot in the manga. Do you really think that 140 chapters could be devoted to the same premises you see in the first six episodes? No.

    However, there won’t be enough time for the show to go deep into the overarcing plot.

    The next episode is utter filler, if they blindly adapt from the manga, which the directors have proven that they do. Which means the real plot is likely to begin in Episode 8, unless Gainax gives up and tries to write an abomination of an anime original ending, like Shaft did for the Negima anime years ago just when that story was about to take a drastic change. Seriously, the parallels between this adaptation and the Negima adaptation are growing by the episode- if they can pull the next Arc off very well, this anime is saved. If they can’t, it deserves to go into the same incinerator as other half-witted adaptations.

    And there’s still the Vice President to come….. which we won’t see. It’ll take 24 more episodes before he appears, and probably 12-24 more episodes before his arc concludes. That arc is the point where the series really kicks off.
    In between that Arc, and the one that’s about to end (the anime will conclude the Second Arc by next episode probably), is two additional Arcs.

    Trust me. If you like Shiranui, her character is just a foretaste of some of the most awesome characters in the manga.


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