Jormungand Episode 5

Well, this week’s episode certainly was an interesting one. We see a lot more of Jonah’s past, and even find out Koko has a brother. While I was expecting Casper to be the one that was responsible for Jonah’s death and that he was the one that set him up with Koko, I wasn’t expecting Jonah to go Rambo on a military base and kill everyone himself. What a boss…

This episode was interesting for a weird reason. When I first saw Casper, I immediately assumed he was the one responsible for Jonah’s parents’ deaths, but then as the episode went on, I became less and less suspicious. I thought maybe Jonah was mad at him for being responsible for Marka’s death, but then it turns out I was right the first time…weird.

All of that aside, did anyone else think that this episode seemed to be a start of an arc? They talk about going to Africa, as well as the negative implications that it would have for Valmet. That suggests that the next few episodes might be linked…or they might just all happen in Africa. Still…I don’t have much to go on, so I guess I’ll have to wait and find out next week or something.

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