Aniblog Tourney Round 2

Vote for me here!

After somehow making past the first round by seven votes, it’s time to start up again with round 2. Same deal, basically…too lazy to type it all up again. This time, I’m up against Nigorimasen, so once again give them a look before making a vote…preferably for me, but for whoever you feel is better (while you’re at it, you should also give a vote to Feal over at EmptyBlue because he’s awesome).

So once again, let me put up some stuff to help out with the navigation of my blog. Out of general laziness, I just copied the stuff from my first post with some minor modifications. Also, a second thing…I made a Rubik’s Cube video for today as well to give you something to look at (also because it’s kinda the thing that makes me different). Not my best showing, but meh…I’m out of practice.

  • If editorials are your things, most of mine go under the label of Life’s Great Mysteries…just the name I came up with for my take on things. They’re just the musings I have when I sit alone in a room in front of a computer. I also put a lot of work into a post about my reviewing process.
  • I also recently organized all of my reviews into a page so that they can be found more easily. A note about my reviewing style…I’ve been toying around with different systems, and I don’t have a set style yet. You can find them here: Reviews
  • If you’re bored and curious about me, I answered AceRailgun’s 50 Questions as well.
  • I’m one of those guys that’s just kinda around. I’ve even appeared in a podcast with AceRailgun and Yerocha. I was a guest on the Anime Afterlife Podcast too once or twice.

8 thoughts on “Aniblog Tourney Round 2”

  1. Got my vote. Truth be told, haven’t been voting much in the tourney, just observing. But that rubix cube video is the shit. Also, you play Starcraft? Nice. And that reviewing process post is really cool


  2. Rubik cube video seemed quite random at first but it’s kind of cool.
    I wish I had something to show off when my match is online as well…too late to learn new tricks now =_=


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