Fate/Zero Episode 18

This week’s episode is basically a flashback of Kiritsugu’s childhood, basically meant to show why he’s so messed up. Makes sense…his father’s research sounded noble, but was actually a means to an end and zombified the entire village. Hence, Kiritsugu hates mages and assassinates them. He shot his own father…so yeah, he can act soulless. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting…I was expecting the typical village witch hunt type of scenario where Kiritsugu’s father is doing something good, but the villagers kill him thinking he’s a demon. But that wouldn’t have explained the mage killing of Kiritsugu, so that makes sense.

I guess the show’s taking a slight break from the action with the flashbacks. It looks like next week’s episode is a continuation of this story as Kiritsugu becomes a full-fledged magus. I guess they can’t be killing off another Servant every episode…the show would be over in a flash.

16 thoughts on “Fate/Zero Episode 18”

  1. Well… if he had killed her, he could have saved the village and let his friend die as a human. Even his father would have lived that way, it was just a stupid accident. Her sacrifice to save hundreds of people – Kiritsugu wanted to save everyone, which is obviously childish and impossible, thus he failed.

    That’s the same logic Shirou has in FSN and just as Kiritsugu he has to face reality.


    1. yeah…even if it makes sense, when you’re in the situation, it’s not as simple as pulling the trigger (metaphorically)


      1. I know. It’s just that this incident made him think it was all his fault(and I say it wasn’t, so I would have told him sth like “Cheer up, it’s not your fault!”^_^) because he couldn’t kill her. He never would have treated every life the same way(thus 1000 > 999) like right now, it’s because of this incident.

        Her death caused him to make his ideal more pragmatic and he should already have realized that this is just wrong. With his knowledge back then, he never could have foreseen that the two big organizations would have to annihilate every single resident. Most of the Dead Apostles are just a stupid nuisance made by the True Ancestors or magi who longed for knowledge and immortality. Not every DA is “good” like Zelretch. In fact, most of them are dangerous enemies.

        Personally I say it was just unfortunate, but he needed someone who could “repair” his half-shattered mind. Instead he went with Natalia – an assassin freelancer…


        1. yeah, that’s true, but it makes sense. You wouldn’t find someone that could cheer him up in a warzone like that…just wouldn’t fit


          1. Then again, he tried to not make the same mistake when he saved Shirou. When Kiritsugu adopted Shirou(and thus saved his life again ), he never wanted to teach Shirou magecraft and even when he did, he told him not to become a magus, instead just to become a magecraft user(spellcaster). Though he did warn him, that the path of the magus is stained with blood. Shirou just didn’t get the message.

            Perhaps he should have told Shirou about his past, but then FSN never would have happened.^_^


  2. Although I don’t want to spoil too much since I still have to write about this episode, it’s kind of funny that all the childhood friends tend to get shafted. Yeah, what happened to Shirley is tragic, it was preventable… should of kept the dangerous stuff locked up and hidden.


  3. @DavetheZombie
    Yea! I thought the same thing!! 😀
    Though I just saw connections to Kara no Kyoukai (Cornelius)…
    What connections to Tsukihime did you see?


    1. Everything about the Dead Apostles and the Church dealing with them is a lot more easier to understand with Tsukihime knowledge. I guess he meant that.


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