Tsuritama Episode 4

This week’s episode solidifies Haru and Yuki’s relationship as friends. After the whole deal with the mind control gun, Yuki finally realizes that he likes having Haru around. Now, we just need to get the other two pulled into the party. Natsuki’s almost there. I like his character so far. He’s always paying attention, mostly to Yuki, always trying to help make him feel better in the guise of fishing advice or practice. He also acts as a sort of window for the outside world. Let me explain that a bit.

Yuki and Haru…they’re basically in their own world, but Natsuki makes you notice just how shy of a person Yuki is. He seems serious and pretty talkative with Haru because he basically has to take care of him, but Natsuki makes you realize that he actually sucks with people. Meanwhile, Akira sorta sets a plan in motion this week. It looks like his motivation for joining up with everyone is that he will be trying to force Haru to leave Earth by helping to catch the “big fish.” Should be any minute now that he joins up with everyone.  This show is really fun…I’m always curious where it will decide to go. Hope it can keep it up.

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