Jormungand Episode 4

Well…uhh…that conflict ended more quickly than I expected. Orchestra and Chinatsu both go down to sniper rounds…albeit on different days. I guess the point of the fight was more to continue to showcase the team…Lutz and Lehm as snipers and everyone else working together to protect Koko. We also get a new opponent in the form of Scarecrow…he’s sure to be back. But what I thought was more interesting was what the episode showed about Koko herself. Even someone as strong as Chinatsu could only see Koko as a monster…and we see it too in her unwavering confidence on the battlefield. In the middle of battle, she stops to notice that her adversary isn’t wearing panties and it’s the first thing she asks about when she meets her again.

But we’re also shown a more vulnerable side of Koko. When leaving the police building, Koko suddenly realizes that there is no one around to protect her and she is immobilized by this thought until Jonah pops up. Despite all of her arrogance, she still needs the support of her team. Not sure how soon that will come into play, but it’s something to think about. Next week…well, next week looks like another mission. I thought I saw another child in the preview…Jonah-centered episode? A flashback from his past or does the episode play on his sympathies as a child himself?

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