Zetman Episode 5

This week’s episode marks the arrival of Kouga into the fray. His suit’s complete and he’s on his way to save his sister. Still…he kinda annoys me. The way he reacted to the suit when it was first shown to him and his sense of justice…he’s such a child. He really just sounds like a spoiled rich boy for now. Hopefully that changes…we can’t have him going around being some childhood fantasy come true. Kouga also meets that weird guy who “tests” him as a hero. I’m not completely sure what that test was for…it doesn’t seem to have had an effect on Kouga and the guy doesn’t seem to have reacted to the results in any way.

A couple of introductions this week. The girl from last week introduces herself as Tanaka, but refuses to give out her first name. Is she ashamed of it? We also get a name on that weird creepy dude that’s been sneaking around, Haitani. He calls himself an EVOL…but from the conversations in this episode, EVOL sounds more like an organization name than a species name. EVOLs must still be Players in some way…the Sweeper said that Jin was neither Player nor human…I find it strange that he didn’t either a) assume Jin was an EVOL or b) say that Jin wasn’t an EVOL either. Maybe I’m just over-analyzing. Questions aside, next week looks to be a continuation of the hostage crisis, but with the addition of Tanaka. Maybe Jin will finally become ZET…hopefully Kouga joins in the fight.

2 thoughts on “Zetman Episode 5”

  1. I understood that Evol and Players are the same thing. They don’t like being called Players because it reminds them of when they were used to entertain rich people in death matches. So they renamed themselves Evol, as in Evolved.


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