Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Episode 4

This week’s episode felt like another setup episode. In fact, it felt like something that had to happen. With the team assembled, Yuuko would naturally start to feel lonely as Teiichi spent more time with the others. Still, I thought it was pretty funny that she put Teiichi’s name on the cursed stone to troll him. As for the actual story, Kirie confirms my suspicion of the second spirit, briefly shown last week and given a couple of appearances this week. I wonder if they’ll go with the obvious conclusion that the spirit was the one that trapped Yuuko in this world, or if they’ll try to make it more interesting (maybe it’s some other form of Yuuko or something…it had a female-ish appearance and voice, I guess).

Not that much of the psychological analysis this week, though…kinda depressing. That stuff about creating a curse and subconsciously believing it wasn’t all that interesting, comparatively. Kirie shows off a bit of scared side again…not to mention a little bit of jealousy towards Yuuko. I have no idea what’s going to happen next week…despite the stuff about the second spirit. It was in the room with Kirie and Momoe, but that didn’t look like something that will be continued next week. Will it be more randomness? Or will the investigation begin?

8 thoughts on “Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Episode 4”

  1. Yuuko forced Momoe to change from her cute swimsuit. School swimsuits don’t have the same charm. Kirie is pretty cute when she’s scared even if she acts all strong when Teiichi is around.

    I thought the shadow was Yuuko or at least her regrets. So really the shadow’s regrets are the reason for becoming a ghost

    I’d like to see the shadow actually do something. A whole episode based on overcoming the shadow would be interesting. Though this seems like a final boss scenario.


    1. i dunno…it seems to have been brought up pretty early. It’s possible that solving the business with the “shadow” may not be enough for Yuuko to rest


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