Hyouka Episode 2

Back with the final member of the team. This week introduces the last person in our main character group, Ibara Mayaka. Although currently a volunteer librarian, she is destined to join (she has the eyes of curiosity like Eru, after all). But back to the episode. When I first saw that they were looking for an old anthology from the Classics Club, I assumed that it had something to do with the big mystery they’re supposed to be trying to solve, but I guess not. That lead didn’t really go anywhere. There’s always the possibility that the anthology is the key, but that still remains to be seen.

Instead, what we got was another small mystery…I guess to continue to introduce the newly completed squad. Unlike last week, the conclusion was slightly more of a collaborative effort, mostly coming from Eru’s ability to discern the smell of the book. While they made a big deal about Houtarou knowing the book was an art motif, I’m sure that was the main thing that tipped him off. So far, all of the mysteries seem to be fairly…I guess normal? With the crazy hair and whatnot, I was expecting something slightly supernatural…I can’t discount the possibility that this is just an introduction, though. And did anyone else think it was hilarious every time Houtarou tried to escape?

The episode finishes off with a pretty big cliffhanger. Eru approaches Houtarou, clearly having something important on her mind. Not much information is given, so I have no idea how this relates to the main story. It’s likely just some secret trait or past event from Eru’s life. The only real clues we got were Eru’s proclamation to the effect of “he may be the one who can…” and her statement that it was a confession of sorts. While these suggest that it’s something important, it doesn’t give me any clues as to what it is (GAH!). The preview doesn’t really give much help…except suggesting that Eru may have a relative that was originally in the Classics Club too (but even that may not be true). I must say that it has me curious, though. Finally, we see the ending theme for the first time this week. The song…well, I have to say the song was alright. I honestly thought that it sounded better at the start, and not so great as it went on. But mostly…what the heck was up with that animation? >.>

5 thoughts on “Hyouka Episode 2”

  1. It was entertaining. I feel sorry for Oreki losing his simple life, but he does get a cute girl out of it. Chitanda does seem way to forceful in real life and his daydreams. At least in the daydream she has beautiful hair or a maid outfit.


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