Natsuiro Kiseki Episode 4

This rock is super frustrating. Well, this episode has been out for a bit now and I saw a title mentioning a body switch…then I see that Yuka likes a guy who likes Saki, and the plot of this episode became pretty clear. While it’s not the worst idea for an episode, I had a problem with the date itself. Yuka mentioned that Takashi liked Saki because she seemed more mature, but didn’t seem to mind her acting like…well, Yuka. I sorta understand that it has to happen for the episode, but it just doesn’t sit logically for me. Also, the second switch of Rinko and Natsumi doesn’t really get used in the show except to affirm that the rock can’t undo wishes.

But still, that rock granted the wish of Yuka by herself…it needs to figure out what it’s doing. One of these days, I’ll figure out how it works. Yuka’s body being out of shape as a running gag was kind of funny, though. Next week, Saki gets revenge. This week’s episode seemed like something I’d seen before, so let’s hope she’s more creative.

6 thoughts on “Natsuiro Kiseki Episode 4”

  1. Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m pretty sure that Rinko and Natsumi switched because Rinko wished to stay close to Yuka (in Saki’s body).


      1. No big. It was pretty subtle. I don’t think it was outright mentioned, it’s just sort of implied that Rinko wants to be closer to Yuka.


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