Fate/Zero Episode 17

The long awaited backstab (quite literally) finally appears this week. Kirei takes his father’s command seals and gets Gilgamesh to switch to his side to kill Tokiomi. Huh…I was actually right about him dying…not bad. Anyway, I’m not completely sure if Kirei was lying to Gilgamesh about the Grail thing or if he was being serious. It seems weird to me. Why doesn’t Gilgamesh think that Kirei will do the same thing that Tokiomi was planning to do with the last command seal? Maybe he believes that Kirei has a common understanding or maybe I misunderstood what Kirei said. Was he saying that Tokiomi wishes to create a more powerful form of the Grail by sacrificing all of the Servants? Or was he saying that the Grail itself will not activate without the death of all the Servants?

If it’s the first option, then it makes more sense that Gilgamesh would side with Kirei. If it’s the second one, then I have no idea what’s going on. Either way, Tokiomi made it pretty clear he was gonna die this week when he visited Rin and entrusted her with the book and whatnot. A side note: Gilgamesh sure was turning into a bunch of light particles a lot in this episode. I don’t recall him being like that when he conversed with Kirei in the first season…budget? That aside, we still have Rider, Berserker, Archer, and Saber left in the running. My guess is that Berserker is the next to fall, but that may just be a blind, subconscious wish that Rider lasts as long as possible. Was that Waver’s voice in the preview? I couldn’t quite make it out. It looks like this second season is barreling towards an intense conclusion, so I’m definitely enjoying it.


20 thoughts on “Fate/Zero Episode 17”

  1. It was explained in the novel, but skipped in the show. But for a person to get a wish that affects the world all they need to do is defeat 6 of the servants to get the wish from the grail. However, to get a wish that is beyond this world (for Tokiomi to reach Akasha or the Root), it requires the death of all 7 servants to activate the true grail to attain that wish. But only mages have interests in that, the other competitors do not have that wish and thus do not need to sacrifice their servants.


    1. ahh I see…I figured it was something like that. I think they mentioned the Root briefly this week, but I didn’t quite understand it. Thanks for explaining!


  2. In order for Tokiomi to achive his wish to reach the Root, he would have to kill all 7 servants. The others who aren’t interested in the Root (aka EVERYONE) won’t have to kill their own servants. Gilgamesh has nothing to fear from Kirei because he knows Kirei has no interest in the Root.


  3. The Grail is using the Einzbern’s magic and makes use of their sorcery trait. They can fulfill any wish possible if they have the necessary mana, so it’s basically a shortcut to accomplish one’s dream. It wasn’t explained very well(actually not at all), but the Einzberns only want to see the Grail completed, that’s why Kiritsugu can use the Grail for whatever he wants. As his wish is not reaching Akasha, he won’t have to sacrifice Saber.

    Overall, disappointing episode for me because of the cuts again. Everything feels way too rushed and the drawings looked clearly worse than the other episodes(looks like ep11, first tv version). Tokiomi’s detailed explanation why he gave Sakura away was completely left out. Kirei’s conversation with Archer was shortened again(though I’m used to it already) and scenes were transitioned here and there again.

    Was that Waver’s voice in the preview?

    (Not so) Wild guess. Kiritsugu when he was a child. It’s a flashback episode.


    1. Wait…Tokiomi telling Kariya that whole bit on the roof wasn’t the detailed explanation about Sakura?

      Ahh, I see. It sounded like a flashback, but I assumed it was for a Servant (that’s why I thought Waver). I guess that makes sense too.


      1. Nah. Both Rin and Sakura got real rare talents and only one get the “divine” protection the inheritor gets. His real intention was to protect Sakura from becoming a guinea pig of the Magic Association/some crazy researching magi because she got a rather… inconvenient and half-useless sorcery trait.

        A short flashback of Tokiomi and his father is missing, in which Tokiomi’s father allows Tokiomi to decide whether he wants to take on the responsibility of the family and as a magus. Tokiomi was actually sad that he couldn’t give Rin and Sakura that choice.

        The irony of all of this is that Tokiomi gave Sakura to a man who would use her as a guinea pig… Kariya knew that, but he failed to tell Tokiomi this. Now it’s too late.


          1. That is pretty much the only scene where he looks more sympathetic and we get an insight of his thoughts. Now, he will probably get the “ha, asshole, you deserved this” hate comments. Can’t help that. ^_^ All of what was cut out about Sakura and stuff happened when he visited Rin.

            Btw, Kirei should have more than 10, maybe 12 Command Spells now. Command Spells are, besides tools to support/suppress your Servant, a pure mass of mana, so he has a clear advantage over everyone else now if he knows how to use them.


          2. That’s really a shame…I was hesitant to condemn him and it turns out to be the right choice.

            Yeah…I figured those might help him out >.>


          3. What I think is funny is that Tokiomi never understood the people around him(Kariya, his family, Zouken, Kirei …) and always made the wrong decisions.

            Keeping Sakura safe? Failed. Gave her to a complete monster.
            Preparing himself to die in combat. Trusting Kirei and consider him a true friend. FAIL .

            And why the hell does the same Azoth dagger always appear in the fate-franchise whenever there is some drama?;D


  4. They didn’t show Kotomine crying over his father’s body and recalling how he wept last time (when his wife committed suicide before him). I was disappointed. Overall, the entire episode felt rushed. Kirei’s actions are very strained in the novel, he was breaking down into pieces without his father as moral pillar.


  5. I think Gil doesn’t care either way, given the message/lesson at the end of the Epic of Gilgamesh it’s possible that he might not really care if he dies at the end, he simply just wants the path until then to be an entertaining one. And while Kirei offers just that for him, sadly the only way Tokiomi could was by dying.

    That said, as sorry as I felt for Tokiomi for blindly trusting him, you have to hand it to Kirei for being such a glorious bastard, he really didn’t need to say those last few words to him but he did so anyway for simple shock value.


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