Zetman Episode 4

Back again with another episode and another time skip. This time, it’s two years past. After taking Amagi’s offer, Jin has to distance himself from everyone. Kind of a weird turn since normally the superheroes of western culture tend to voluntarily do so. Kouga also seems to have slacked off in these two years after what Konoha said to him. Anyways, we’re sorta introduced to another character (she’s in the opening, so I can only assume). Not sure what her name is, but it looks like she might be the trigger to get Jin to become ZET.

There’s also this deal with the Sweeper…thought he was Kouga, but I doubt that’s the case. Is the Sweeper a Player? It kinda sounds like it. And did you see Amagi’s expression this week? Totally looks evil. Next week looks to be the entrance of Kouga. With Konoha captured, Jin and Kouga may have to team up. Heck…maybe Jin will transform into the true ZET form. He hit 150% this week and still didn’t turn red. Although, I’m assuming it’s because he was forcefully transformed. Preview didn’t really give me much to go on…guess I’ll just have to see.

One thought on “Zetman Episode 4”

  1. Jin completely ignored the hostage situation, and the brothers just left without killing the witness? They don’t play their roles very well. The episode was okay, not much happened until the end.


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