Hyouka Episode 1

Alright, theoretically this is the last new show of this season. Naturally, the mystery element immediately intrigues me. Let’s set the stage. Basically, our main character Oreki Houtarou, who can’t be bothered to do much in life, is convinced to join the Classics Club, where he meets Chitanda Eru, who tends to be quite curious about every little mystery. Joining them is Houtarou’s friend Fukube Satoshi, who has the ability to talk and talk…and talk.  The series introduces itself with pretty small stuff…a janitor locking a door and student napping in a music room. Still, I thought it was a nice way to introduce everyone. The scenes with Eru’s hair were kind “uhh…what?” but it wasn’t because it was bad…more unexpected. I especially like Houtarou’s character. If I don’t have to do it, don’t do it. If I do have to do it, make it quick. It’s basically how I do things…no point in dragging it out.

As for the opening song, I find myself quite a bit neutral towards it. Based on the kind of song it is, I get the feeling it will eventually grow on me, but for now, I can’t really say that I particularly loved it or anything. The background music in the show was pretty nice…classical music playing and whatnot. Always a solid approach. As for next week’s episode, it looks as if we’ll be introduced to the last character of the group. I’m sure she’ll come with a small mystery too…probably will be a bit before we’re introduced the big overarching mystery of the show (which I understand has something to do with the name Hyouka?). Either way, I look forward to it. I think this show could end up being really good.

16 thoughts on “Hyouka Episode 1”

  1. Caught my interest, but it is going to take a little time for me. Having hard time getting over the fact that KyoAni is even doing something remotely different from its drama/life-of-slice/comedy stock, but this not a bad thing.


  2. I thought this was a pretty good first episode. I knew it would look great, and it delivered on that. The characters are intriguing. The scale of the mysteries didn’t bother me given that this was an introductory episode.


  3. I’m planning to watch the series for reasons that I like characters with sleepy eyes and the art is just staggering! I’ll wait until episode 5 and decide if it’s a go or no-go!


  4. The animation man, that was the highlight of everything. I think Kyoto Animation is doing an awesome job with this show…:|
    Why Little busters is not animated by them?! 😦


      1. Little Busters, one of the most popular VN from Key is going to get adapted by J.C. Staff instead of Kyoto Animation (like Clannad and Kanon)…:(


  5. It’s no surprise Houtarou fell under Eru’s spell. Not even a stone-hearted person like him could have resisted the charmes of her. She seems a bit too naive for her well-being but she is a polite and apperently smart girl so that’s not a too severe flaw.

    The animation at the ghost story scene with the usage of water-colourish techniques was beautiful. However althought I felt this was a bit slow its only episode one, im very much looking forward to the rest!


  6. While the first few moments were kind of dull, the mystery, animation and music dragged me in. However, I do hope that the mysteries continue to interest everyone since it’s an interesting setup… and yeah, the classical music, finally a break from JPop.


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