Fate/Zero Episode 16

Holy crap…Kiritsugu went into assassin mode this week like crazy. Taking out Lancer so coldly, then having Maiya kill Kayneth and Sola even after putting a curse on himself that stopped him from doing it. His actions are so dirty…it’s totally opposite of Saber. I find it hard to hate his character, though. Maybe it’s because I know he’ll change by the end of the series. More importantly, Iris collapsed! What happened? Why did she hide it from Kiritsugu? Will this be the beginning of Kiritsugu’s redemption? Another point…Kayneth shot that dude in charge of the Grail War, but they didn’t really touch on it more past that. Will Kirei be able to take advantage of this? He seemed…well, to be honest, he sounded like the robot going “feelings? What are these?”

This episode…I have to say it was random at the beginning. Sola suddenly getting her arm cut off and Kayneth shooting the judge. Just came out of nowhere. Still, it was an interesting episode with that debate between Saber and Kiritsugu. Lancer’s story was such a tragic one. He remained so loyal and chivalrous, but even his Master was suspicious of him near the end. Then he’s betrayed and destroyed by Kiritsugu. I recently watched Unlimited Blade Works, and I was surprised to see Lancer die the way he did…so familiar. I’m hoping next week’s episode continues on with the action…it’s getting pretty crazy in this war. By the “goodbye, father” line from the preview, I wonder if Tokiomi will finally bite the dust next week. Kiritsugu’s “do evil to stop evil” line is familiar…what do you think of it? I believe that sometimes it is necessary, but I wonder how others feel.

12 thoughts on “Fate/Zero Episode 16”

  1. Why did she hide it from Kiritsugu?

    She didn’t. He is quite aware of her condition. Remember episode 1, he knows Iri will die in this war. To prolong her time, he gave her Avalon and Saber(since Avalon doesn’t work without Saber’s mana).

    By the “goodbye, father” line from the preview, I wonder if Tokiomi will finally bite the dust next week.

    I guess it doesn’t hurt, if I tell you that we haven’t seen him speaking with Rin yet(FSN prologue scene).

    Btw, after Kirei took Kariya to the Matou mansion, he was thinking about talking with his father about what he has done/his thoughts.

    Besides that, I am eager to watch the bluray version of this episode. The sound drama sounded a lot better. Quite a few parts, especially Saber’s first conversation with Kiritsugu in this episode here were cut out.


    1. right right…more ill effects from the season break >.>

      hmm…I’ve never looked at the differences in bluray and tv releases…maybe I’ll actually try it and pay attention with this show


  2. It was a great episode until they started debating about chivalry. I’m so glad someone has the guts to man up and kill the enemies as this is a war after all although he technically didn’t kill anyone.

    Lancers last moments made him come across as murderous and psychotic but it’s understandable after all.


  3. Wow, thought I missed an episode or something, but they skipped the whole Sola vs Maiya fight. I guess that was to recude the content from the arm being cut off. That or maybe it seems like all the pomp from the 1st season is catching up with it. If this is anything to go by, the fasting is going to be much more fast paced.


      1. There was no fight. You just didn’t see Sola struggle for a few more seconds, screaming in agony and holding Maiya’s leg with her left hand before she lost consciousness.

        That’s the whole point and difference between Sola and Kayneth. Sola absolutely had no combat experience, she knew a bit magecraft because her family taught her, even though she was just the second child and not the inheritor.


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