Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 2

This week’s episode takes an interesting turn. Besides the predictable parts…Kaoru not being able to emulate the jazz music without the feeling, which he finally gets when he joins the jam session. Asking Ritsuko out and Sentaro joining them. That stuff didn’t surprise me. What surprised me was first off, the bit with the church. I wasn’t expecting Kaoru to react the way he did when he saw Ritsuko and Sentaro in the church. Is it because the perception of Christianity is different in Japan? If I found out one of my friends was Christian, I’d just be like “cool…” Also, Sentaro abruptly cuts Ritsuko off when she’s explaining the cross and the rosary…what could be the reasoning behind that?

Also in the episode, I felt like there were some parts where the whole Sentaro/Kaoru bromance might be getting emphasized, but all of that was tossed out when Sentaro suddenly falls in love with the woman he saved. I had absolutely no idea that was coming…and I’m wondering where the show goes from there. Will he be forced to enlist the aid of the less abrasive Kaoru in his endeavors? Although Kaoru isn’t exactly the leading expert on relationships…Another thing. How did I not notice in the first episode how cool the background music is? I must not have been paying attention. Well, the show still looks promising, and we may possibly get a direction for the plot next week, so I’m looking forward to it.

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