Accel World Episode 2

Finally caught up with the pre-air watchers. Alright, so this episode explains more stuff about the Brain Burst program. So…this show is starting to seem very much like an MMORPG with extra angst. The battles had this air of “community” to them, I would say. That whole business of becoming fans of each other based on how they fight and stuff. Kuroyukihime (that name is gonna get annoying to type, I can tell) surely has me interested, though. She hints at a lot of dark secrets and they make me very curious. She mentioned that avatars are created based on what you’re ashamed of, and that her own avatar was particularly hideous…hmm…how intriguing.

So why do I just call it a game with angst? This show lacks the impending doom that you normally see with a video game type of show. You know…the Internet could be dismantled or people could get locked inside the game forever. Stuff like that. The only cost of losing is that…you can’t play anymore. I assume that the author was trying to say something to the effect of “when you expose yourself so much to the Accel World, you become addicted and then the loss of it becomes incredibly frightening”…something like that.

But I haven’t been convinced yet…hopefully the subsequent episodes will help with that. Also, Haru still annoys me. Most of the gamers I know would embrace the challenge of a weak character, but Haru just whines and whines about how weak he is. Also, hit and run tactic to win? Give me a break. Also, why was he complaining about the avatar that Brain Burst made for him? His avatar is a freaking pig. What the heck? Anyways, next episode seems to be some sort of trouble with Kuroyukihime (I’m getting annoyed at this name already). Hopefully, we find out more about her. Also, the ending was great…just like the opening. Good music for the win.

2 thoughts on “Accel World Episode 2”

  1. Hey, maybe Haru prefers being a pig compared to being a cool iron weapon of destruction. I mean…hell, who knows what nowadays young people are thinking…>_<


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