Tsuritama Episode 1

Wow…a totally carefree episode. Let’s back up. We start off with our main character Sanada Yuki(mura?), a rather panicky guy who has trouble making friends. He transfers to Enoshima, where he meets Haru, a carefree, self-proclaimed alien who loves fishing. Also, throw in Usami Natsuki, the cool and serious guy in the class who is a fishing prodigy of some sort. There’s also supposed to be a fourth member, but I think we only get a glimpse of him in this first episode. Everything in the show is, like I said before, just carefree, mostly mediated through Haru and his water gun of mind control. He just does whatever he feels like and drags everyone into it.

Then again, I wonder how long this will last. They mentioned saving the world in the episode, so I imagine things may get a bit more serious pretty soon. Still, I think it should still be alright. I never expected a show about fishing to be quite so…quirky. As for the music, the song that I assume is the opening theme was pretty good. The tune is catchy and the vocals are alright. The ending theme was a pretty good song too…a light song I might actually listen to. Definitely should be an interesting show to watch…even if Yuki’s panicked drowning parts annoy me a little. Also, what’s up with the goose?

5 thoughts on “Tsuritama Episode 1”

  1. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started this and I’m still not sure what had happened once I finished.

    The strangest part for me is when the main guy goes underwater in his panics. That and letting the alien stay at your home because he wrote his name on the house. Very strange but very interesting.


  2. I think that the protagonist isn’t a normal human being. And that’s most likely what dragged the alien to hang out with him. Also that alien is the most airheaded and carefree person I have ever seen and as much as theese kind of characters annoy me I actually liked him!


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