Medaka Box Episode 2

And we’re back with another request from the Medaka Box. This week’s episode seemed to set out to show the human side of Medaka, something I wasn’t expecting quite so early in the show. But when I think back on it, it kinda makes sense to immediately make Medaka a bit more…accessible? The whole thing with the track shoes…yeah…I couldn’t help but love that. Medaka went into Sherlock Holmes mode to solve everything, then explain it, and it was just too much. I grew up on Sherlock Holmes and always love those sorts of scenes. We also had the running gag of the jersey under the student council uniform from Zenkichi…worked decently well. I didn’t think it was all that lame. Pose-copy no jutsu from Medaka never ceases to amuse me, though.

The second request about the dog…was a bit much. Really? Was having Medaka dress like that really necessary? But like I said before, that whole bit with Medaka getting jealous and getting depressed…wasn’t expecting it yet. I especially wasn’t expecting the jealous bit…I mean, I get making Medaka seem more human, but having her show such obvious jealousy so early in the show? As for the ending theme played this week…Vocals probably weren’t the greatest, but I was too distracted by the awesome guitar. It was so simple and so soft, but it sounded great. Still enjoying the show and looking forward to watching more. It looks like a new character next week…should be interesting. Also…Shiranui…what the heck? She knows everything O.o so evil…

And can someone tell me what the deal is with this show only being 12 episodes? That’s so disappointing for such a long manga. Is it just gonna end before the genre shift I heard so much about? I need to know these things >.>

3 thoughts on “Medaka Box Episode 2”

  1. This episode was alot better than I expected. I was happy there was no fanservice up until Medaka had the excellent idea of dressing into a dog…

    Wait, genre shift?! Is that really going to heappen?


      1. At 12 episodes, we’ll likely see the very beginning of the genre shift. The OP already has some hints of it if you know what to look for.


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