Anime Review: Inu x Boku SS

Inu x Boku SS

This is one of those shows that I wasn’t initially planning on watching because the SS made me think it was some sort of second season or something. I’m really glad I watched it, though, because I enjoyed it a lot. It tells the story of Ayakashi Kan, a mansion with a very special kind of tenant, each assigned their own Secret Service agent as a bodyguard. One such tenant is Ririchiyo Shirakiin, a girl who has a problem of insulting people due to her inexperience with other people. Ririchiyo is against the idea of having an SS agent, but she meets Soushi Miketsukami, who insists on protecting her and serving her, claiming that she once saved him.

The show really continues on being a simple slice of life as Ririchiyo meets new people in Ayakashi Kan and becomes more comfortable with other people, but there is also a romance building in the background. Having read the manga, I realize that there were a bunch of episodes with extra stuff thrown in, but I really like how they eventually end the show. Also, the random antics in the other episodes are incredibly entertaining. I probably laughed every episode. I was worried that they weren’t really using the demon thing very much, but it ended up working out nicely.

Story: Score 90/100

The characters in this show were all pretty good. First off, we have Ririchiyo Shirakiin, characterized as tsunshun rather than tsundere because she gets depressed instead of becoming more nice. Her character development ends up being pretty nice, and she makes things entertaining by trying to be so serious and cool around everyone. Soushi Miketsukami is a bit of a strange character. At times, his overzealous devotion to Ririchiyo can be a bit excessive, but he ends up having a really interesting character background. Adding to that, we have Ririchiyo’s classmates Banri Watanuki and Karuta Roromiya. Banri’s mostly there for the comedy, a self-proclaimed delinquent constantly trying to proof his strength. Karuta, I’d say, is there for the fans…she’s just so cute. She acts like an airhead, but ends up being pretty perceptive at times.

Then, we have Nobara Yukinokouji, the perverted woman that adds the comedy, Renshou Sorinozuka, who adds in a bit of nonchalance, and Zange Natsume, who’s just a little bit nuts. Finally, we have Kagerou Shoukiin, the charismatic masked man who is probably the most entertaining of them all. The show focuses mostly on Ririchiyo, so you don’t really see much development from the other characters…still, I don’t think I had a problem with any of them. I liked all of the characters, although maybe the side characters a tad bit more than the main characters.

Characters: Score 92/100

The animation in this show was pretty good. They switch between the more typical anime depictions of the characters and the more gag-style depictions very nice for comedic effect. There are even a couple of action scenes that looked pretty nice. The music in this show was was pretty impressive. The background music seemed to work out okay, and I have no real complaints. But the real story was in the themes. The opening theme, which looking a bit strange, sounded amazing. Also, each character gets their own ending theme, so the ending changes nearly every episode, and they were all good songs. Some of them, like Karuta’s, were particularly great. I can’t wait for the character albums to come out.

Animation: Score 90/100

Music: Score 93/100

In the end, I really enjoyed watching this show. I’m pretty sure it was because the show was good and not because it came out on the same day as Guilty Crown and I was already in a bad mood when I watched it, but I can never be sure. I probably wouldn’t mind recommending this show to most of my friends…it was a good laugh with every episode. The manga is still going on, so I’d love to see a second season…but we’ll just have to see. There doesn’t seem to be any indications yet.

Final Score: 91/100

7 thoughts on “Anime Review: Inu x Boku SS”

  1. I’m ashamed to admit that I originally thought the “SS” was going to be a Nazi thing, and this show was going to be about Soushi protecting Ririchiyo from neo-Nazi terrorists. Until I saw the first episode and genres, of course.

    It’s a good point that the story worked out while in spite of the the ancestor’s spirit thing. The ending felt kind of natural despite the fact that it continued little from earlier, unlike some other shows (coughBrave10cough).

    I also grew to really like the opening. One of my favorites of the season, I think.

    Also, Guilty Crown is surely one of the best shows I’ve never seen, because I don’t need to watch a single episode of it to know what all the fuss is about. Unlike, say, BRS. I need to watch that so I can be a cool kid too…

    Nice review. Lack of neo-Nazis aside, I also liked the show. On a side note, it’s taken a little while for the 100/100 scale system to grow on me, but you use it well.


    1. lol…a show with them against neo-Nazi terrorists? For some reason, I might watch that.

      I thought the opening was really impressive…Animation was weird, but the song was great.

      As for Guilty Crown, BRS, and Brave 10, I’ve been delaying my reviews of them because I didn’t really like them. Think I should just post them?

      I’m still getting used to the 100/100 scale. I might end up redoing all of the scores for my reviews at some point to a more standardized form. We’ll see…


  2. It had a slow start like many other anime, but this one turned into something amazing. If I can get a second season for anything from the winter season, I choose Inu x Boku.

    I’d be satisfied with Karuta and Ririchiyo doing cute things for 25 minutes.


    1. Well…what other shows were there really that aren’t already getting a second season? lol

      Who wouldn’t want to watch Karuta and Ririchiyo doing cute things for 25 minutes? O.o


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