Senki Zesshou Symphogear Final Episode

After much delay, we’re finally at the final battle. Ryouko summons a metric ton of Noise to face the reawakened Symphogear girls. While the girls take out the Noise, Ryouko fuses herself with another relic, taking Durandal and absorbing the Noise to become a more powerful, giant Noise enemy. Chris creates an opening so that Tsubasa can pass Durandal to Hibiki. Hibiki goes feral again, but everyone leaves the bunker to support her. She manages to regain control and uses Durandal to cut down Ryouko, but doesn’t kill her.

However, Ryouko uses the last of her power to drag the broken part of the Moon and send it plummeting towards Earth. Hibiki prepares to sing her swan song to save everyone, but Chris and Tsubasa join her. Together, they sing a swan song to destroy the fragment. Weeks later, the three have been declared dead. Miku goes to visit Hibiki’s grave and a nearby woman is attacked by Noise. Miku tries to protect her, and is saved by the three girls, whose survival was classified.

A very enjoyable series and solid ending. Naturally, I’m glad that Chris survived in the end. Going into this episode, I was pretty sure that everyone would survive in the end, and while I doubted myself a couple of times, I was sure when Miku mentioned the deaths being classified. As a whole, some of the parts in the show seemed a bit rushed and maybe a bit predictable, but I still thought everything was good. This week, there were a couple of insert songs with all three of the girls singing and they both sounded pretty nice. Part of me thought that the first one was a bit too light for a battle situation, but it still seemed okay while I was watching. I find it hard to say what I thought of all of the music in the show. The premise revolves around music, so the bar is set a bit high…I’ll have to think about it. But still, it has been fun to blog this show…which I still think is Power Rangers with girls.

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