Phi Brain – Kami no Puzzle Final Episode

After a week break, the final battle begins with Rook and Kaito putting their lives on the line. Rook even makes the puzzle easier intentionally to almost force Kaito to kill him. Kaito desperately tries to find a way to keep Rook alive. He finally realizes the solution, enlisting the help of his friends to save Rook and himself. Rook’s armband then breaks and he returns to normal. The Divine Revelations are also burned in the process. In the aftermath, Rook parts ways with Kaito and plans to rebuild the POG.

Most of the stuff in this episode were pretty predictable, but it was the ending that they had to do. Gyamon’s still probably my favorite character…despite his little escapade. It looks like the second season will introduce a new enemy. Like I said before, I can’t see this enemy being as interesting as Rook was, but we’ll have to see. Hopefully, the second season isn’t too much of a disappointment. I look forward to watching it. It has been fun to blog this show, and I hope to continue doing so in the coming season. I think I might choose to review this whole show before watching the second season, but I haven’t decided yet.

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