Anime Review: Nisemonogatari

The anticipated sequel to Bakemonogatari, one of my favorite shows. If you’re unfamiliar with how Bakemonogatari was, this show is basically more of the same. We follow Koyomi Araragi as he goes around solving the supernatural problems of the girls in his life. While Bakemonogatari looked more at girls that Koyomi knew from school and such, Nisemonogatari focuses on Karen and Tsukihi, Koyomi’s younger sisters. The story is split up into two arcs, one for each sister.

While the story was pretty interesting, it was bit tough to find. There were a lot of episodes with Koyomi just randomly talking with one of the girls from the last season or just talking in general. While it was a bit annoying, I think it was nice that they didn’t really let the girls just fall into the background like they did in Bakemonogatari. A lot of the time, it didn’t seem to be related to the story at all and just there to take up time. I felt like the story culminated to about 4 episodes. The season was already short, being only 11 episodes, and to have so much talking time seemed weird to me. Also, the fanservice takes up a lot of time too (*cough* toothbrush scene)

Story: Score 80/100

All of your favorite characters are back from Bakemonogatari. Tsubasa Hanekawa, the knowledgeable one with a new hairstyle, Nadeko Sengoku, with a bit more maturity (?), Suruga Kanbaru, just the same as always, Mayoi Hachikuji, the loli with the huge backpack, and of course, Hitagi Senjougahara, our favorite tsundere with a stapler. I’m not really sure I liked how they changed up Sengoku’s character, but what are you gonna do? Along with the girls from the first season, we get a closer look at Tsukihi and Karen Araragi as we explore their individual stories.

The big addition to the show is Shinobu, the vampire living in Koyomi’s shadow, who takes on a completely different role in Nisemonogatari. She’s arguably the best character in the show. As for the main character, Koyomi Araragi, they really seemed to make him more….lewd? in this second season. I dunno…I found it a bit annoying. Yeah, I get that screwing around with Hachikuji is funny, but it’s still weird to see. I thought he was more interesting as a character in the first season…maybe true of most of the characters.

Characters: Score 85/100

The animation style is pretty similar to Bakemonogatari. I didn’t really notice many changes. It’s an interesting look to thing, and I still liked it. Good music as well. Background music was okay, but the theme songs are where the show really shines. An ending theme by ClariS that sounds great, and opening themes that seem almost like continuations of themes from the first season. My favorite has to be Platinum Disco, Tsukihi’s opening and a possible continuation of Renai Circulation. While the song itself probably wouldn’t have been too impressive, the combination of the song and the opening animation really hooked me.

Animation: Score 90/100

Music: Score 92/100

It was nice to see a second season for Bakemonogatari. But without the love story of the first season, this season didn’t really have as much of an impact on me. It really ended up being too much fanservice and not as much action. Actually, most of it was probably comedy, rather than romance. Still, Shinobu replacing Oshino was pretty cool, and Kaiki ends up being a very intriguing bad guy. Strong visuals and great music. If you haven’t seen Bakemonogatari, go watch it now…either that or read my review of it…then watch it. Then you can come back and watch Nisemonogatari if you want to see your favorite characters again.

Final Score: 85/100

7 thoughts on “Anime Review: Nisemonogatari”

  1. Wait, why we don’t have a section in story talking about the wonderful bath adventures of Koyomi or the toothbrush battle with Karen, etc…?! :O


  2. That is quite a high rating. Sure the animation, audio was good but what is missing is the plot and the characters. The characters well…. didn’t put much into a fight and something is definitely wrong at some point. Take Kaiki for example.. Something that was suppose to be awesome end up being very dull in the end. Same goes to the final battle, that was one by talking -.-


  3. I legitimately wanted to inflict serious pain on someone after watching episodes 2 and onward. So much pain, rage, hate and most of all, disappointment. I’m too tired to ramble on again on why this is the worst anime sequel I’ve seen by far so I’ll save you the banter.


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