Chihayafuru Final Episode

Continuing on with the Master match, Suo is destroying his opponent, able to distinguish the habits of the reader to better determine the card she is reading. After the match, Tsutomu analyzes Chihaya’s play and concludes that she has 20 one-syllable cards, making her very similar to the Master with 28 one-syllable cards. Later, Kanade tells Chihaya about her goal to become a reader, but Chihaya tells her that she must first become a Class A player. Taichi has also become more determined after talking with Arata about the Master match. Meanwhile, the adviser Miyauchi is defending the karuta club at a faculty meeting, but they must get five new members to continue using the same room for their club activities.

That ending was pretty expected. Everyone gains new determination for karuta after watching the Master and Queen matches, then the very end is tailored for another season…a sort of continuation style of ending. What worries me is that this ending could very easily stand by itself. While it’s not a bad ending, it makes it very easy for this show to be dropped and forgotten by producers…I wouldn’t mind seeing a second season. Also, I liked how Tsutomu and Taichi became at the end. It was cool to see. That being said, I didn’t really have a problem with any of the characters. But I’ll talk about that more when I review this show later. It was fun to blog about this and I hope you’ve enjoyed this show. It wasn’t the most stellar show in the world, but it was pretty solidly entertaining for me.

2 thoughts on “Chihayafuru Final Episode”

  1. I knew that the series couldn’t end with anything too conclusive, since Chihaya’s goal was to be Queen and she wasn’t anywhere near accomplishing it. What they did with the finale was well done, I thought. We can clearly see that things are still going forward, both in the long term and with the short term goal of finding more group members. I’d like there to be a second season so we can find out where everything is still going, because I’m sure it will be somewhere great.


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