Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episode 12

As expected, Hibiki goes berserk again in response to Chris’s sacrifice. As Ryouko planned, the power of the relic fragments is overpowering Hibiki’s humanity. Ryouko also prepares to fire Kadingir again. Tsubasa allows herself to be hit to immobilize Hibiki, then faces off against Ryouko to stop Kadingir, sacrificing herself to destroy it. Hibiki returns to normal, and is left alone to face Ryouko. Miku reactivates the school’s power with Hibiki’s friends and uses it to encourage Hibiki. Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris all stand up again to face Ryouko as the episode ends.

So to get this out of the way, I’ll start with: CHRIS IS ALIVE! WOOT! With that aside, that last scene was pretty cheesy…with everyone singing to revive the three heroes. Still, I can understand why the show chose that direction. Also, what is up with the power system of the school being a light switch? That’s pretty lame >.> But I can get past that…Lots of sacrifice going on, but in the end, everyone comes back because this show is basically Power Rangers. I was kinda hoping that things would go a more interesting direction when Tsubasa sacrificed herself, but I’m glad no one died. Specifically, I was hoping it wouldn’t simply be Ryouko as the big bad that they have to face. That looks like it’s the case, though…seems like a pretty simplistic way to end, but I guess it’s okay. Next week, everything will be wrapped up…guess we’ll also see what’s up with Hibiki’s death.

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