Rinne no Lagrange Final Episode

Strangely, this week’s episode starts off with everything calmed down after the Le Garite delegation arrives. Lan also seems prepared to return to her home. We finally flash back to the episode before. The Rinne effect causes the three Vox weapons to combine energies and mutate the enemy Ovids and ships.

However, Madoka is able to overcome her grief and the effect of the Rinne blooming changes into something more pleasant. However, Aura suddenly deactivates. Villagiulio tries to capitalize on this, but he is shot down by Lan’s brother, who has arrived with the Le Garite delegation. Muginami flies off with Villagiulio’s Ovid as the Le Garite forces tear apart the enemies.

So compared to how Fate/Zero ended, I like how they approached this. Everyone goes their separate ways after the battle ends. I was afraid they’d do a time skip, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I don’t expect a gap more than like a year (the preview only made that prediction more and more likely). This serves well as a first season. They leave plenty of things unanswered, but they leave a sense of resolution in the end. Also, the way they structured the episode with the flashback really made that sense of resolution hit hard. Man…that whole thing with Moid is gonna bug me forever >.> I’m so curious about what’s up with him. Also, they give us that little bit about Asteria too…curse the second season for starting in July. Either way, it’s definitely been enjoyable to cover this show. I was skeptical at first, and the battles weren’t the greatest in the world, but it was definitely a nice experience. Probably won’t be reviewing this show…will wait for the next season.

2 thoughts on “Rinne no Lagrange Final Episode”

  1. For a minute there I thought I missed a 11.5 episode or something, but like the way it they executed the whole thing. As for Moid, yeah, he is not creepy at all, right? Either he is a double agent or just have a strange love affair with the Rinne system. Well, we have June to look forward when the the OVA is due, so hopefully that will answer some question until July.


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