Persona 4 Episode 24

Picking up from the big realization from last week, Yu heads to the hospital. Yu and Yosuke then go to confront Adachi, the true culprit. Naoto and the rest of the gang soon arrive, and together they all get him to admit his guilt. Kuma reappears to see Nanako, resolving to fight with everyone despite realizing he is a Shadow.

Everyone then chases Adachi into the TV World. As they go, Adachi starts to split the group up by summoning Shadows while showing them all of the missing parts of their investigation. Eventually, Yu faces off against Adachi alone, who summons his own Persona, a copy of Izanagi, to face him.

Everything’s coming to a close. With the current pacing, it looks like they might be able to cover everything, but it may be close. I’ll be really upset next week if they don’t. The rest of the episode this week was pretty good (everyone loves Naoto going into detective mode). Also, it seems like I was right last week…guess they’ve decided to go with the Yosuke ending for Yu, so he won’t be getting any of the girls. It’s a little sad, but pretty expected. I hope everything turns out well next week. I wonder if all of the people who played the game are as worried as I am?

6 thoughts on “Persona 4 Episode 24”

  1. Naoto in detective mode is one of the best parts of this anime. That and when Kanji showed up to the Adachi confrontation with four ladies. He’s such a playboy. I laughed so hard.


  2. I guess I am due for one those “I told you so” moments. They pretty much rushed this episode, so unless Adachi is beat quickly (including the appearance of you know what) then getting to the true route is highly unlikely. I doubt they do a near 1 hour finale or even include it as an OVA with the DVD/BD disc. Still have my fingers crossed for one of the above…


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