Phi Brain – Kami no Puzzle Episode 24

That face is so scary.....
After Rook’s panic attack last week, the POG is in turmoil as footage of it was leaked. Later, Kaito gets a phone call from Rook and goes to meet him the next day. Strangely, Rook has reverted to a behavior similar to Kaito’s memory of him. The two spend the day together, ending with Rook reverting again and challenging Kaito. Rook also reveals that he has the Divine Revelations, as Pythagoras solved the Divine Puzzle with his battle against Jin. He threatens to unleash them on the world unless Kaito battles him.

In normal protagonist style, Kaito abandons his friends to go face Rook alone (this is MY FIGHT!!). However, it seems that even the POG will not allow this to happen, so his friends are naturally gonna be there to watch. Maybe he’ll even have an epiphany moment where he needs his friends to win or something. Anyways, the final battle is set up, so it should be interesting. I’m still curious about Rook’s background…it’s possible they touch on it next week, but maybe they count this week as enough. We’ll see. Also, I guess a second season would involve probably the principal taking over as head of POG or something and then maybe Kaito would be called to defend the Divine Revelations against some new foe. But like I said before, they can’t possibly have that engaging back story like Rook…wonder how they plan on doing all of this.

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