Guilty Crown Episode 21

The final operation begins. Gai fuses together Voids to create the bow we saw before, completely wiping out nearly all of the UN forces. Next up, the Undertakers go to work, taking out the base’s security system. Before they can reach Inori, Gai erases her memories to prepare her for Mana’s rebirth. Shu and everyone finally reach the Central Command, but are greeted by the strange Daath agent from before.

He asks Shu to sacrifice mankind for evolution, and when Shu refuses, a Void battle begins. The rest of the Undertakers face off against Daryl, who is piloting a new Endlave. Despite being at a disadvantage, Shu is able to beat the Daath agent and reaches Gai. However, Mana has already been reborn in Inori.

Finding Inori through her song was pretty cheesy…come on >.> Still, the show seems to be getting better in the end. Maybe because Shu is actually competent in battle. Maybe because there’s so much action going on. I can’t be sure. I’m not sure what to think of Daryl. At the moment, it’s looking like he’ll die next week, but he still has a chance to rejoin everyone and have a happy ending with Tsugumi. The Void battle was pretty nice. I’m looking forward to another one next week, the big finish for the show.

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