Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episode 10

This week’s episode starts off with Ryouko being ambushed, but she kills her pursuers. Chris shows up to investigate after she has left, followed quickly by Genjurou. After Genjurou saves Chris from a booby trap, she finally listens to him and starts to trust him telling him about Kadingir. Genjurou tries to find out more about Kadingir, but is interruped by a Noise attack.

When the Noise all converge on Tokyo Sky Tower, everyone concludes that it must be related to Kadingir. Tsubasa and Hibiki are at a disadvantage, but Chris shows up to help. Together, they wipe out all of the Noise, but the episode ends with the school being attacked by the Noise while they’re all distracted.

Jeez Chris…you finally join everyone. It’s about time. Seriously…I’m pretty sure Chris has like the best relic and the best songs. Can’t be using that for evil, can you? Anyways, all signs point to Ryouko being evil…especially that line from Genjurou. Still, there’s a very small possibility that she isn’t, so I can’t condemn her yet (that will probably change next week, though). It was pretty obvious to me (and probably Genjurou too) that the Tokyo Tower thing was a diversion. It was way too convenient to be Kadingir. We’re getting pretty close to the end, which means Hibiki will probably die. Based on what I’ve seen so far, it will likely be in an effort to protect Miku, but we’ll just have to see.

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