Guilty Crown Episode 20

At the beginning of this week’s episode, Shibungi returns to give Shu the diary of his father. We find out more about Shu’s father and his research on the Genome Resonance that caused the original Lost Christmas. We also find out that Shu’s true mother died giving birth to him from the virus. Kurosu refuses to join Daath because of the effects of the virus on his family, but Keido chose to help him, running experiments on the virus with subjects like Gai.

The Void Genome was created by Kurosu to interfere with the Apocalypse Virus. Kurosu tries to keep Keido out of his research to protect him, but Keido becomes jealous and kills him. Back in the present, Haruka explains that Inori was with Shu in order to gather the lost parts of Mana from the Voids of others. Before they leave, Shu tries to return everyone’s Voids to protect them, but Yahiro stops him, followed by everyone else.

So in the final moments before the end, we finally get everything explained. It’s actually a pretty interesting back story. If only Shu was as smart or interesting as his father was, I might actually like him a little. I guess they’re not making a big deal about Shu’s personality change, which I’m thinking is okay. He loses everything, which forces him to rethink, and then he comes back different. Also, that whole thing about Shu’s mother being infected during childbirth…I wonder if that will come back. It seems like one of those things that ends up being important in the end…some sort of special power or immunity or something. Anyways, Shu’s heading off to the final confrontation, so the next two episodes should be pretty intense.

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