Chihayafuru Episode 22

This week’s episode starts off with Chihaya being matched up against Yamamoto Yumi, the previous Queen in the Eastern Qualifiers. As the game starts, Yumi’s cards favor Chihaya’s style. Yumi has a self-deprecating attitude, questioning the point of even trying to face Shinobu again. Chihaya notices Yumi’s lack of passion, and starts to attack relentlessly. Yumi’s coach opens the window to cheer Yumi on, and Yumi starts to play like she normally does. Chihaya starts to lose confidence and Yumi  beats her.

Interesting that Chihaya has lost already. I guess they plan to continue on with Arata or something. Not sure if I like that sort of ending, but it gives way for more seasons in the future, so I guess I understand. I supposed this is some kind of beginning where Taichi and Chihaya realize what they have to do to reach Arata and Shinobu’s level or something like that. Also, that bit with Kanade asking about the readers…I feel like that suits her.

One thought on “Chihayafuru Episode 22”

  1. Yeah, I didn’t expect that bit about the readers. I was really happy that Kanade could have a whole independent growth trajectory. First Taichi, and now Chihaya — very unexpected development. I was really hoping that Chihaya would qualify for the Queen tournament, but she was taken down by a very strong player.


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