Phi Brain – Kami no Puzzle Episode 22

As predicted, Jin’s condition is a result of his attempt to reach Phi Brain. Cubic shows Kaito the information that he and Jikukawa were able to access last week. Meanwhile, the principal tells Gammon that there are numerous Armbands of Orpheus, and that Pythagoras is trying to pit Rook and Kaito against each other to achieve Phi Brain.

When Jin saw the future like Kaito, he chose to abandon puzzles forever, only returning to help Kaito. Jin then starts to solve all of the Fools’ Puzzles until he inevitably faces off against Pythagoras. However, Cubic finds out that Pythagoras is actually dead, and that Rook has taken his place. Rook appears to confirm this and reveal that he is a Phi Brain. Kaito then realizes that the man from his vision of the future is actually himself.

Well, I was gonna predict that Pythagoras was actually dead, but I guess that’s been taken care of for me. Still, I wonder if his death has something to do with Rook’s behavior change. Like maybe Jin lost his mind in that battle and Pythagoras lost his body, with his mind being forced into Rook or something. Mere speculation, of course. Definitely some interesting background information this week. So many things finally make sense. Still, with the way they’re setting up the ending, I wonder how they’re planning the second season. Hopefully, they don’t screw up the first season to allow for a second season. I’m looking forward to a cool ending. Next week looks to be another face-off against Gammon. With only three episodes left, I can only assume he rejoins Kaito afterwards (or dies, but that’s pretty unlikely).

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