Rinne no Lagrange Episode 9

This week’s episode starts off with Villagiulio throwing the three brothers in a house Earthside. Kirius and Array accept this, but Izo becomes restless and goes after Madoka. Meanwhile, Madoka, Lan, and Muginami help out with a festival at school for the Jersey Club. While Izo goes to the school and Array goes to Madoka’s house, Kirius finds her when she saves a drowning child.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t know who Madoka is, so she ends up running off anyway. Izo and Array find out more about Madoka’s past, specifically the death of her mother. Izo decides to leave Madoka be, abandoning his duel and returning home. There, he finds Villagiulio, who announces his plan to destroy the Vox weapons before the Le Garite forces arrive to retrieve them.

Hmm…interesting info about Madoka. Her behavior is a copy of Yoko, who helped her get over her depression about her mother’s death. Some comical antics from the three brothers as well. Stage seems be getting set for their betrayal of Villagiulio. But there’s supposed to be another season, right? Seems a bit early. Will they be allies for the entire second half? Or maybe we’ll see our favorite plot device: the time skip. With an episode title like “Goodbye, Kamogawa”, I wonder if next week’s episode is supposed to be the start of some sort of trip into space. I would assume it gets called off in the end, but we’ll have to see.

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