Black Rock Shooter Episode 5

The battle between Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master rages on. In the real world, Mato and Yuu pick up Yomi, who seems cheerful despite her panicked mother. Yuu confronts Saya (the counselor), suspicious of what she has done to Yomi, but gets no answers. Strangely, Mato goes to basketball practice to find that everyone has forgotten Yuu. Yuu ends up appearing before Mato, though, telling her about the alternate world and her connection to Black Rock Shooter.

She reveals that Black Rock Shooter is a personification of her grief, and that her death would lead to Mato becoming free of her grief (this is basically what happened to Kohata and Kagari). Mato rejects this battle and instead decides to try and resolve everything by talking with Yomi. Yuu then sends Mato to the alternate world with Yomi, but Black Rock Shooter has already stabbed Yomi. The episode ends with Black Rock Shooter taking a more emotionless appearance.

Ok…that was cool. I think that’s what missing last week…the other world. The presence of the other world is just so much more prominent in this week’s episode. Also, things are getting serious. I guess Yomi has been cured, but it seems that Mato has been broken as a result. Also, when will she come back from the alternate world? I have to wonder. Is Yuu actually trying to help Mato? She says something to the effect of “this was the only way.” While it could be interpreted that she is doing this to help Mato, but at the cost of some suffering, it’s also possible that she has been forced to do this to Mato in order to save someone else (like a relative or something). But still…even though they tried to explain everything, I still have no idea where everything is going. And at episode 5/8, I find it weird not to have a definite plot direction. I guess we’ll have to see next week.

5 thoughts on “Black Rock Shooter Episode 5”

    1. I think she will because in the end (on the picture above) her eyes look like the eyes of “Insane Black Rock Shooter”.
      Now it gets to the interesting part…


  1. Did you notice that Yuu was missing something? Like, a shadow?

    There’s a lot of talk of “death” in this episode, which.. well, it looks like the death of one of your alternates is a normal part of growing up. Normally it’d be the one in the otherworld, but it seems like both Yuu and Mato (sorta) have decided to make it the normal-world version.

    So, I wouldn’t bet on her coming back anytime soon. Considering that the otherworld Yomi just died, that means they won’t be seeing each other either. What a life.. I’m happy not to live in that world.


  2. The show hurts my brain but the episode was epic.
    You really didn’t see that Yuu doesn’t have a shadow? It’s one of the most important stuff that you should know. She seems like an imaginary friend of Mato because it looks like she is probably not in the real world anymore. Plus Insane BRS looks awesome.


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