Guilty Crown Episode 19

This week’s episode starts off with some revelations: Haruka tries to kill Mana, but she is tricked by Keido, who is actually her brother and the one who killed Shu’s father. Keido tries to kill her, but she escapes. Meanwhile, Shu uses Arisa to find Inori (as well as Haruka). Haruka hides out with remnants of Funeral Parlor and the Kuhouin group, but they are found by Segai.

Haruka manages to escape, but Ogumo is killed. Haruka meets up with the rest of Funeral Parlor, but Segai soon finds them. Ayase tries to take the Void Genome, but Segai appears to take it for himself. In the end, it goes to none other than Shu, who draws his own Void, which turns out to be his right arm. Shu then saves everyone and kills Segai. However, Shu also takes Souta’s disease with his Void that takes the burden of others.

Yahiro actually sounded a little cool this week. Maybe he’s not so evil. Anyways, Shu is back as predicted. I’d have to say the series is starting to become better at the end, but still…everything is predictable. Besides my typical gripes, I’m annoyed that they still havent explained anything. Segai, Inori, and Gai all don’t seem human, so what are they? Also, Shu will take all of the bad from others onto himself? Where have I seen that before? At the moment, I’m thinking it might be too obvious that Shu will die, so maybe they’ll cure him at the end. Personally, I think that he and Inori should die together in the end, but maybe that’s just me. Three more episodes…final confrontation with Gai and Keido. Maybe we’ll finally find out what Daath is.

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