Another Episode 8

The beach episode! First off, though, Kouichi asks Reiko about Matsunaga and the school trip, but gets no answers as she has forgotten most of it. Everyone then gets together and heads off to the resort hotel where Matsunaga works. When they arrive, they find that he has been called off, so they spend some time at the beach, running into Mei in the process.

Teshigawara proposes a competition to find food on the beach, but both teams end up failing miserably. Matsunaga then arrives, talking a bit with Reiko. After a lot of questions, Matsunaga finally remembers leaving something at the school. Unfortunately, this is interrupted by another death, as Nakao dies out at sea.

Well, that death was a bit expected. We don’t really see much of Nakao before this episode and he suddenly goes with the main characters on a trip? He had to die. This also puts a damper on an earlier theory about being safe from the curse when outside of Yomiyama, which makes things interesting. Reiko seems a bit more suspicious this week…Matsunaga mentions seeing her somewhere and she can’t recall it. Is there a double? Or maybe she’s dead, like some people seem to think?

Also, I get that they were trying to make the music sound lighter this week with some softer tones and such, but it still kept the theme in all of the dark music of the show, so it really didn’t feel right to me. Fun scenes like the ones in this episode need songs with energy, and the main theme of this show just doesn’t do that. Next week, it looks like Kouichi will find that thing that Matsunaga left behind in the school (it looks like some sort of recording or something). Also, were those glasses on a girl with the umbrella? Is Sakuragi coming back? Or is this another one of Kouichi’s crazy dreams? I’ll end with this: WHY DIDN’T THEY EXPLAIN THE END OF LAST WEEK’S EPISODE???

7 thoughts on “Another Episode 8”

  1. I did notice the music was very strange this week. It was as forced as a beach episode in a horror anime.

    They didn’t explain what Mei said at the end of episode 7 because the longer something stays a mystery the more interesting it becomes.


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