Inu x Boku SS Episode 7

Nothing better to start off an episode than demonic plants. Chino, the maid, brings a plant to Ayakashi Kan which goes nuts and activates the mansion’s security system. This leads to Banri being locked in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber (Natsume is such a good liar), Karuta being locked in a kitchen, and Ririchiyo being locked in her room with Soushi.

Ririchiyo spends the night trying to finally express her gratitude to Soushi, finally managing to thank him after many mishaps. Banri accidentally breaks the force field, which causes the security system to fail. However, the enemies are weaker than expected, so everyone takes them out easily.

The splitscreen transformation scene for Soushi and Ririchiyo looked like something out of Power Rangers (lol). Anyway, nothing like a trapped situation to force main characters to tell other characters their feelings. Ririchiyo yelling at herself every time she failed to thank Soushi was pretty funny to watch. This show is still funny and still entertaining. A bit more action this week, but it really wasn’t that prevalent. The relationship between Soushi and Ririchiyo seems to be developing too quickly, so I expect next week or the episode after that will reveal Soushi’s big secret to throw a wrench into things. I’d say next week for sure, but the preview makes it look like a fairly relaxed episode.

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