14 thoughts on “Random Rubik’s Cube Video”

    1. Well, there’s a particular method that I use and I basically practiced it for a few weeks until I got it down. Then I just kept refining and refining to drop my time.

      lol yeah…the webcam was on my screen


  1. I used to do the Rubik’s Cube myself back in the day. Haven’t touched my in a couple years so I would be a bit rusty. Although my average was about a minute. Never really got around to practicing enough to getting below that


  2. Finally a Rubik’s cube post! That’s pretty awesome, the thing almost looks like it’s moving on it’s own you were doing so fast (keep in mind I say this as a Rubik Cube layperson). πŸ™‚


  3. I can’t believe I didn’t check this out sooner! … Do you bite your nails?

    I’ve always thought that it takes a certain kind of brilliance to figure out Rubiks Cubes. My mind doesn’t catch patterns and formulas well so what you do is like magic to me, haha.


    1. I’ve seen all kinds of people in my time with solving. I think you just have to like it enough and devote enough time. But honestly, I don’t have the data to say that intelligence has nothing to do with solving. All I know is anecdotal…


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