Phi Brain – Kami no Puzzle Episode 20

This week’s episode gets right into the action, starting with Kaito and Gammon in another face-off. Gammon tells Kaito his reasoning for joining the POG, to solve the Divine Puzzle himself. Kaito ends up almost losing after seeing a strange vision when he sees the winning move, but the match is stopped by Rook. Rook reveals to Bishop that the strange purple glow of the armband signals a subconscious activation, bringing Kaito closer to Phi Brain. Elena tries to turn Gammon back to the light, but it fails miserably. Kaito continues to have the vision of a desolate world with Jin telling him that the Divine Puzzle is the cause.

I have no idea why this show suddenly became a battle between Gammon and Kaito. I honestly saw no indications for it earlier. Anyway, part of me wants to say that the vision that Kaito was seeing is a trick of some sort, because it seems too easy for some vision to just give him the answers. I feel like visions are meant to be misinterpreted. Otherwise, they’re kind of boring. Not sure why the show suddenly feels different. It looks like next week will take a step back from the duel-style puzzles.

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