Rinne no Lagrange Episode 7

Had to be done...
So after the events of last week, everyone seems fine. Madoka starts to go off about Villagiulio, but Lan tells her how he used to be. Meanwhile, Muginami has several flashbacks about her relationship with Villagiulio. Lan and Madoka end up getting roped into clearing the school’s pool of eels (random).

After talking with a teacher, Madoka realizes that she was wrong about Muginami and heads off to apologize. The two talk it out (in the bath lol) and finally make up. Muginami tries to leave in the night, but she’s stopped by Lan and Madoka, and everyone finally becomes a happy family.

So…let’s ignore the random tentacle scene and the naked bathing scene (>.>). Most of the other stuff in the episode was pretty predictable. Madoka and Muginami realizing what the other is going through and making up. Lan being the one to stop Muginami in the night from leaving…all that jazz. Still, they didn’t really touch on the Flowers of Rinne thing from last week and it’s getting me curious >.> What are you hiding, Moid? As for Villagiulio, what do you think about his personality change? I’m guessing it’s some death of a loved one thing that screwed up his head and he might change in the future. It’s also possible he was faking kindness before and this was all part of his plan (cue evil laughter). Finally, it could be that he’s faking cruelty and this was also part of his plan (cue…hero music theme?). Judging by the hieroglyphic-looking thing in the preview, maybe next week will touch more on the Vox weapons and their history. Though if they say Egyptian Gods, I may have to hurt someone.

15 thoughts on “Rinne no Lagrange Episode 7”

  1. Unlike feal87, I don’t find eels erotic, nor cute. They remind me of hentai and other than yuri h, I pretty much stopped watching all other forms of H altogether. So yeah, not a fan of that scene unlike most people but the rest of the episode was okie dokie by me.


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