Guilty Crown Episode 17

With the red line drawing closer and closer to the school, Shu becomes even more tyrannical as the school’s president. We also find out that Arisa didn’t actually die last week. The student unrest escalates when it is leaked that the breaking of the Void means death. Yahiro tells Shu that Inori was the one who attacked Arisa, but Shu defends her. He also accuses Yahiro of just using him.

The students finally make their move against the government, attacking the control tower for the automated Endlaves running around the city. Shu takes the front line in the battle, destroying the tower, but the students stage a coup d’etat. It is interrupted by the arrival of the revived Gai, who cuts off Shu’s hand.

While the show is certainly getting more exciting, I can’t help but attribute this to the return of the Code Geass elements. The betrayal of Shu after learning his secret, the rejection of Yahiro (I’m thinking Rolo with that). Gai returns with a vengeance. Shu’s power has been stripped and it looks like Gai took that power. The question becomes whether or not this is all part of Gai’s plan (it probably is).

I wonder if the problem I have with this show is that it still doesn’t have a direction. It started with something like “beat the Anti Bodies”, then it became “escape from Tokyo”, and it’s almost becoming “overthrow Shu.” I can’t tell what the point of everything is and where everything is going. Music is still good, though.

8 thoughts on “Guilty Crown Episode 17”

  1. Too many ideas all thrown into one episode. It seemed like breaking out of Tokyo took back seat to overthrowing Shu which took a back seat to Gai returning and being a huge jerk which took back seat to Shu losing his super power. I didn’t even mention Inori becoming infected with a murderous second personality yet.

    I’m looking forward to more but I’m not expecting much. Music was nice as always.


    1. It’s depressing to think that a show that makes me facepalm so much has basically one of my favorite soundtracks of all time. But yeah, I’m thinking murderous second personality is Mana if that isn’t too obvious


  2. I totally agree with this show having no direction.Its like things are happening just for the sake of something happening. But all together they just don’t meld.
    I don’t know what to expect, but not in a good way.
    It’s frustrating watching this show.


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