Inu x Boku SS Episode 6

This week’s episode starts with a focus on Karuta, who kinda just does whatever she feels like at school. This brings the ridicule of her classmates, which leads to Banri getting into a fight with a bunch of kids that make fun of her. Meanwhile, after a hilarious declaration of love from Karuta, Ririchiyo starts to interact with her more.

After school, a storm starts up and Ririchiyo is attacked by a nure-onna, which is basically a humanoid water snake. Banri shows up to help, but gets beaten pretty quickly. Ririchiyo gets a solid hit in with Banri’s help, but the monster lashes out again, knocking them both out the window. Karuto appears to save them both.

So this episode was more Ririchiyo making friends. I almost wonder if this show will be like a few shows I’ve seen with the random lighthearted slice of life style up until the very end, when the plot ramps up into overdrive. I suppose there was some random action mixed in, but it really isn’t much. What actually happened to that nure-onna? Final attack and then it just disappears? Next week looked like more stuff on Karuta, but the preview also made it sound like it focuses on Ririchiyo.

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